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It's finally baack!!! posted by Ana on 11.15.2019
Stylesheets - Page 03 posted by Ana on 11.15.2019
New home! posted by Ana on 04.08.2018
Blends - Page 01 posted by Ana on 04.08.2018
Stylesheets - Page 02 posted by Ana on 04.08.2018

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It's finally baack!!!

Hi there fellas, it's been a looong while. ^^;;;;
I'm sorry for being m.i.a. for so long, but my life is in a place where calling it hectic is a big euphemism; in any case the site is finally back alive with a new design and above all tons of new things. So let's start.

The first thing, as usual, is the new version: it's an advanced divs layout called simply Red Ezra featuring my recent actor obsession Ezra Miller; I used a premade stylesheet, whereas the (super gorgeous) header was made by the amazing Kaci Elizabeth on commission. I'm totally in love with the header, and I'm super giddy and excited that I finally got to use it. ♥

But now onto the new additions...because, while I didn't feel up to uploading and reopening, I kept working "behind the scenes" and managed to make stuff; here's the full detailed list.
  • 10 new premades, featuring mostly celebrities and stock.
  • 8 new stylesheets, because I went on a sort of spree and had lots of new builds ideas.
  • 6 new blends, most of them matching the premade designs.
  • 66 new names - new ones kept popping and I kept adding. xD
  • 42 new icons, as Shadowed Icons started to feel overkill.
I decided to bring the icons back here because Shawoded Icons was too much. I don't have nor make so many icons to require a dedicated site to showcase them; so when the domain name expired I didn't renew it and, after debating about a possible subdomain site, I decided to let go of it altogether.

Have to go now, as tomorrow my parents leave for a one-week vacation and I need to wake up early to help them prep the last things.
See you on next entry, guys; cheers. XOXO

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