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It's finally baack!!! posted by Ana on 11.16.2019
Stylesheets - Page 03 posted by Ana on 11.16.2019
New home! posted by Ana on 04.08.2018
Blends - Page 01 posted by Ana on 04.08.2018
Stylesheets - Page 02 posted by Ana on 04.08.2018

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New home!

Hi there everybody, whassup? ^.^
The move is complete and Sky Ninja is 100% up and running on its new home....for those who missed the last post, here's a short summary of why I moved hosts.

Sky Ninja was hosted for free by Squidix thanks to a sponsorship deal struck with the host's former owner Sam, who I think got booted out since a few days ago I was told that from now on I'd have to pay for hosting on ground of a "you had to bring traffic to us" sponsorship rule....rule that they made up on the spot - Sam never asked me anything of the sort when we made our deal, I only had to keep a visible link on every page of the site - as an excuse for their demand of money. When I told them as such, they completely ignored me and just tried to sell me their sh*tty affiliate program....thanks, but no thanks. I certainly wasn't staying with a host in deep financial troubles (they wouldn't have asked money from clients like me otherwise) who resorts to such shady and underhanded tactics to demand money; I closed my account and moved Sky Ninja to one of the best hosts I know, HostMantis....who is much more honest and reliable.

As for the content and site layout, the second is the same as before while down here you have a full list of what the site has to offer.
  • 25 layouts.
  • 22 stylesheets, including 2 brand new ones.
  • 16 blends.
  • 78 site names.
I'm gonna reopen Shadowed Icons too as soon as dns propagation is complete - it'll take around a couple of days - so stay tuned for that.

Have to go now, as these days I have to go binge-watch The Shadowhunters Chronicles tv series.
See you on next entry, guys; cheers. XOXO

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