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Hello there, it's been multiple lifetimes since I made an much that my old host had time to get bought out and (as always happens in these cases) go to sh*t, forcing me to look for a new one where to start fresh. xD But let's not dwell on this and just move forward.

With a new start it's obviously time for a new look: version 8.0 is called Preppy Halloween and, as the name says, features a Halloween-themed preppy layout and header (the latter made entirely by me *cheers*); I wanted to make something to celebrate the new season and "holiday", so I hope you'll like it.

New start often means revamp as well, and that's what happened with the's actually the first true revamp I've done on Sky-Ninja since I opened it back in 2016. ^.^ Besides adding a few new things, I did the following: installed a new CMS (compatible with PHP 7), removed quite a few graphics, re-coded a couple of stylesheets, re-did the icons page (to work on PHP 7)....and a few more tweaks here and there; once done, this is what the site now offers.
  • 20 layouts
  • 24 stylesheets
  • 20 headers/blends
  • 204 site names
  • 45 icons 100x100
It's not much, but not little either; also, please don't ask for old designs, stylesheets or blends you saw before (on the old host) as I deleted those for good.

Gotta go now as it's almost dinner time and I also plan to revamp and update some of my other sites.
See you all next entry; cheers. XOXO

Posted on October 06, 2023 // 0 shinobis

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