...to Ana's small design corner Sky Ninja, where she offers some quality graphics for visitors; the site is open and hosted by great team at Squidix since 01.24.2016.

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3. Copying is not allowed;
4. Do always credit me.

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Here are the new things!!

[EDITED ON 03.13] Another quick edit (the last one, I swear) to let you know my avatars dump Shadowed Icons is finally open at Shadowed.info; go take a peek, please, and let me know what you think. ^.^ [END EDIT]

[EDITED ON 03.05] Sky-ninja gained its first affie, the amazing Sandra from both ExoticHell and fansite/resources Adam McQuaid; go visit, 'cuz she has tons of cool and useful resources. See ya; take care. <3 [END EDIT]

[EDITED ON 01.30] Just a quick edit to show you version 4.0 Life fences, a div premade featuring an unknown model - I didn't want to change the Josh Duhamel layout so soon, I liked it a lot, but it looked weird because of a cms error I made and found out after I removed it (which is why I'll re-use it again when I tire of this). :p Enjoy the new look; cheers. XOXO [END EDIT]

Hi there, sorry this update took longer than expected. :p
Now I can finally show you Sky Ninja version 3.0 Josh Duhamel, an advanced divs layout featuring said actor with a blue and hot pink scheme; both the header and the original stylesheet come from the same site, which I adore because it's full of stylesheets, premades and all kind of resources for your sites. I love it, hope you will to. n.n

I had hoped to introduce you to a new affie as well, but my application wasn't answered (hence rejected) so you'll just have to do with the new look and things coming right now.

As I mentioned, I had a tiny bunch of new stuff: I managed to make 2 new designs and above all resurrected the site names page, who now has 10 new sitenames; I'll add more sitenames as soon as they come up, in the meantime I hope you enjoy the first batch.

Have to go now, as it's 3:30 am here and I really need to sleep; see you all on next entry.
Everybody have a great Sunday and week; cheers. XOXO

Posted on 01.29.2017 | 3 shinobis in the sky

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