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Coming soon

Hi there, sorry for my looong absence. ^^;;;;
RL has taken a number on me, then Shadowed Icons was taken over by so many spam comments I had to delete Cutenews and switch to another blogging script - no spam since then luckily for me.

Anyway. This is a coming soon post; the real update post is coming tomorrow or Sunday at most, but I can already anticipate that all the site's categories get new additions and I will soon update Shadowed Icons with new avatars as well - I've been away, but not completely unproductive. :p
I don't know when Shadowed's updated will be, but it should be done in about 7-10 days, so stay tuned for it.

Have to go now, because tonight I gotta go to my niece's dance school end-of-year recital and I need to get ready.
Everybody have a great week-end; cheers. XOXO

Posted on 06.09.2017 | 0 shinobis in the sky

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