about me

Talking about myself ain't easy because I'm not much of an instrospective person, but I'll try.
I was born and grew up with my parents and grandparents in a North-Italy country town....getting spoiled rotten by both. xD My school years were pretty uneventful, and I got out with barely-above-average results; I tried Uni but dropped out after first year, so my parents sent me to England for one year to study the language - boy, I'm glad they did or I couldn't type this - the only place where I came out with excellent results (I still march on that).
Once back in Italy, I joined the working force and worked for 7 years in a travel agency until it closed due to debts; after that I spent a couple of years lazying out, acting as a caretaker and still getting spoiled by my grandparents...until my granny passed away three years ago. In the meanwhile I in vain kept job-hunting; I was lucky and found one as an office worker in a press brake tools company. I worked there for about 2 years, until I was fired because of the economical crisis - and because of some fake reasons they made up. Now I'm on job hunting again, but it's even harder than three years ago; so, in my free time, I do what I like which is listed below.

LIKES :: Surfing the net, reading fan fictions (especially slash), web designing with Photoshop, watching TV and movies, reading, eating (I have a huuuge sweet tooth xD).
DISLIKES :: People disrupting my likes, rainy days, being without internet connection, big bugs and vipers, conceited snobs and know-it-alls (I can be a not so small one :P).
WANTED ITEMS :: MacBook Pro (2019) 16", a new iPad.