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Revamp done!!

[EDITED ON 01.06.17] Just a quick edit to let you know the site isn't dead; I have the new layout ready, along with a couple of new things to add, so stay tuned. Cheers. XOXO [END EDIT]

Hi there everybody. ^.^
After procrastinating and lazing off for ages, a cms switch (from Cutenews to FusionNews) and the correction of some errors in the entries, I can finally announce Sky Ninja is open again and brings lots of new stuff and a new look. n.n

Said look is a basic divs layout called Iggy Azalea based on a premade stylesheet and featuring a colorful collage header with the singer/rapper; despite being pretty much assembled (using a premade template and header), finishing this took me a while because I couldn't find the right color palette - I got the wanted result (this result) on the fourth try, but it was worth it. ♥

Before listing the new additions, I need to let you that I once again own a blog: I didn't like having both blog and graphics in one site, so I got a new subdomain and opened Lovebow; I also opened a site where I talk about computers and hosting called Techno Rose. Both sites are empty but gonna be filled soon, so be sure to check them both out. ^__^

Now let's talk new things....as in new categories, as I added a couple; here's the full list of what I have.
  • 14 designs with a brand new one;
  • 12 stylesheets with 10 new ones added;
  • 27 icons with 2 new ones (matching the new look);
  • 6 blends which is the brand new categoriy.
I added something - the 10 templates from another site project - but I also removed things: the psd images are gone, as they looked very ugly and I really didn't care much about them; I hope you like the new stuff as much as I liked making them. :-)

Have to go now, as I recently bought the Star Trek Beyond DVD and I really absolutely need to watch it; see you next time.
Have a great Sunday, you all; cheers. XOXO

Posted on 11.20.2016 | 1 shinobis in the sky

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