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Back with a vengeance!!

[EDITED ON 07.10] Sorry for the hassle, but comment moderation and capcha are turned on again because spammers are spammers (meaning sad creatures with nothing else to do to fill their useless empty non-lives) and flooded the site with their sh*t....losers. -_- [/EDITED]

Hello there, I'm finally updating. ^.^
The revamp took longer than I thought - with an extra week added to it because my internet connection kept (and keeps) being spotty due to bad weather - but I'm finally back....and with damn style, the new look is abso-fu*king-lutely gorgeous. ♥

I ordered the design on Raven's webstore at Bajacafe (formerly Babyd0ll), and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it - and decided to use this before the one I had made; the layout is called Feminist, and features a very funny (and hot, because he IS hot) image of Benedict Cumberbatch. It is yet again a (relatively) dark scheme, but the bright colors in it make it perfect for summer. ♥ ♥

Now onto the additions (the graphics menu is made by those small squares above the affies list).
I was away for a while, but I didn't stay idle during that time; I have new things for all the content's categories. Here they are.
  • 2 new designs, both related to cinema/movies.
  • 2 new stylesheets, both based on my premades.
  • 4 new headers, two featuring a movie and two match the premades.
  • 20 new site names, all made using a site name generator.
This is, finally, a proper update - I don't recall ever adding new site names to Sky Ninja before now, those I had came from older sites; I hope you enjoy the new things, and credit me somewhere on the page if you use something.

Have to go now, as I wanna watch the Divergent series - my niece is a Theo James fan, and I must admit the movies are pretty good.
Everybody have a great week-end; cheers. XOXO

Posted on 07.01.2017 | 3 shinobis in the sky

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