...to Ana's small blog and design corner Sky-Ninja, where she explore her own odd mind using the written word; the site is open and hosted by Squidix since 01.24.2016.


Hi there visitors, it's been a while. ^.^'''
After a long pregnancy, I can finally introduce you Citylights' reincarnation Sky Ninja; it took a while because, just when I was ready to upload, Kya closed her hosting service which meant browsing and searching for a new host...found in the amazing Squidix. ♥
Anyway, the site is finally open; version 1.0, called Scream, features an image from the famous videogames series Assassin's Creed (not being a gamer, though, I don't know which one the image is from); it's a basic divs premade on a purple and dull acid green palette, inspired from a template I've had stored on my hdd for like 3-4 years.

I currently have 4 affiliates whose sites are all extraordinary and deserve a visit, so go click.
I've also a small amount of designs and icons, for who's opening his/her own site. Here is the full list of what the site offers right now.
  • 13 premade designs.
  • 25 avatars 100x100.
  • 2 premade stylesheets.
The latest two layouts are new (they were not on Citylights), so go take a look and tell me what you think.

That's all folks; I'm falling asleep at my desk, so it's off to bed and see you all on next update.
Many cheers, guys, and have a great Sunday. XOXO

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