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Christmas eye-candy!!

[EDITED ON 02.02.18] Just a quick edit to let you I added 18 new site names, and that a proper update will come soon. Cheers. =) [/EDITED]

Hi there everyone, how's going? ^^
I'm sorry for the super-long absence, but...well, saying my life is hectic is an euphemism; but enough whining, I'm here with quite a big update so let's move along.

First the new look, though: version 6.0 is an advanced divs layout called We're in a dream and feauting one of my actor obessions, Chris Pine - he's the eye-candy the title refers to, a nice gift to look at during Christmas holidays ♥ - and based on a premade stylesheet; it's not a very Christmas-y design, but I hope you like it anyway. :3

One last site-related thing, and a pretty big announcement: Sky Ninja has a cbox! I got it a while ago but always forgot to put it up; this time I didn't so you have a place for suggestions, questions or any kind of feedback - but no affies requests, I prefer email for that (check the links page page for more details). n.n

Now onto the additions; I made quite a big batch, so here's the full list of the newly added things.
  • 8 new designs, ranging widely from movie to tv to vectors.
  • 6 new stylesheets, inspired by the ones I used.
  • 6 new headers, featuring mainly movies and actors.
  • 30 new sitenames - taken mainly from books.
I still can't believe I added new things to every single category; hope you'll like the additions, but either way feed me feedback. xD

Have to go now, as I wanna make more icons so to update Shadowed Icons too.
Have a great week and week-end, guys; cheers. XOXO

Posted on 11.29.2017 | 0 shinobis in the sky

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